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Monkey Mayhem

Monkey Mayhem

  • Monkey Mayhem In this celebration of all that is New York City, order must be restored from the chaos caused by a renegade group of monkeys on the run!  Can you succeed as master problem solvers, capture the monkeys from landmark buildings, return them to their cages and enter the "All Clear" escape code?  The Big Apple depends on you!
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Prohibition Pandemonium

Prohibition Pandemonium

  • Prohibition Pandemonium Find yourself transported back to the Roaring Twenties in New York City when the simple quest for a cool drink could land a person in very hot water!  Your ability to escape the long arm of the law is tied a trail of clues--if you can find them.  There is no alcohol involved--you will need to have all your wits about you to escape!
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About Us

Escape Entertainment takes live escape games to new levels!  This brand new, immersive entertainment experience is based on the live escape game sensation that is rapidly gaining popularity in Europe and Asia.  In founding Escape Entertainment, we made the commitment to build upon the successful operations we observed in Europe and Asia and enhance the overall customer experience in every way: Game quality, customer service and the comfort and decor of our entire facility. Each of the games we offer has been carefully architected and produced by a team of world-class game designers, master craftsmen, organizational behaviorists, and various other professionals so as to foster teamwork and strengthen communication skills while challenging the senses and testing wits via clues, passwords, missing puzzle pieces and puzzles to solve.  Adding to the excitement is the fact that players have only sixty minutes to win the race to escape! Our goal is for people escape their everyday routines in a superior environment and have fun tackling the challenges of Escape Entertainment's games with friends, family and colleagues, both old and new. On top of it all, you are likely to make some new friends while you are at it!

Corporate Outings

Escape Entertainment is the perfect leadership and team-building activity for your next corporate outing. Thoughtfully orchestrated to encourage (require!) group participation, collaboration, strategizing and camaraderie, Escape Entertainment affords companies a dynamic new approach to strengthening the bonds of their staffers amidst a lively, engaging setting. Our live escape games consist of up to ten players being “locked” in a themed room for up to sixty minutes. The only way out is to work as a team to unearth all the necessary clues, keys and missing puzzle pieces and solve all the mental challenges presented along the way while the clock is ticking. During game time, players are monitored remotely by our Adventure Guides and any time it appears some help would be useful, or when requested, a hint is provided . Escape Entertainment has four uniquely curated escape rooms created by master set designers whose previous works have been featured at the White House, MoMA, Broadway and the Boston Marathon among other high profile locales. Each of Escape Entertainment’s adventures has been thoughtfully constructed to foster teamwork and strengthen communication skills while challenging the senses and testing wits. Our Adventure Guides  all hail from the performing arts world and they inject their crafts into their interaction with our customers, which only adds to the quality of this immersive experience. Specialty breakfast, lunch or light dinner fare catering packages are available for an additional fee. Email to book your next corporate outing or request additional details.


Our Location

Main Location: 39 West 32nd Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10001

Hours of Operation

Monday - Sunday: 2PM - 10PM